Home-Cooked Smoked Meat Recipes For The Families

Smoked meat is one of the most delicious foods available any day. The sad part is that most people have the mindset that they have to go out to enjoy some quality smoked meat. Did you know that you can easily prepare some at the comfort of your home? All you have to do is buy a smoker! The best part is that some of these recipes are pretty easy. Here are the top 5 home cooked smoked meat recipes for you to enjoy with your family.

Smoked pork ribs.
Who doesn’t love some pork ribs? If you’re looking to enjoy some smoked pork ribs, first, you have to thoroughly rub them with the seasoning of your choice. Place them on the grate and cover. You should rub vinegar on them every 15 minutes when regularly turning them to ensure both sides get cooked. If you enjoy them with sauce, brush source all over them around 20 minutes before they are don. This recipe takes about 3 hours.

Smoked chicken wings.
For this, you will need smoked chicken wings and homemade barbeque source. First, season the chicken wings with preferred seasoning. Place them in a preheated smoker for about one and a half hours. Once they are cooked, put them in the sauce and ensure they are all evenly coated. Finally, grill the coated wings until they become brown and the skin becomes crispy.

Smoked salmon.
Smoked salmon is pretty delicious. To make some at home, you will need salmon fillet, 2 tablespoons of sugar and salt and teaspoon pepper to taste. Marinate the fillet with the above ingredients and refrigerate for about 6 hours. You should them smoke them for about 45 minutes until the fillets are soft enough to be eaten with a fork.

Barbeque brisket.
Nothing beats a juicy beef brisket. To enjoy a home-cooked smoked brisket, first, rub the beef with your preferred seasoning. Poke holes on it with a knife or fork to ensure the seasoning gets into the meat. Smoke it for three hours and once it is out, wrap it with foil and bake it for an additional 30 minutes. You can no0w enjoy with your family!

Bacon Explosion.
If you are on a keto diet then this would be perfect for you. First, clear out the cavity of the chicken and dry it with paper towels. Rub it with oil and seasoning all over and place beer can in the cavity. Ensure it is standing up’ and smoke it for about one and a half hours.

Looking to enjoy some home-cooked smoked meat?
Why don’t you plan a back yard grilling party in the summer and take your smoker out forerun? But first, you need to buy a smoker can be based on your budget choice. There are various types of smokers to pick from including charcoal smokes, electric, infrared, gas smokers, pellet smokers etc. all of which can be bought online. If you enjoy cooking, this is a great way to spend some quality family time!

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