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About the Host…

Jennifer Tapiero
Jennifer Tapiero was raised on the East Coast before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a television talk show host. In just three years, she has become one of the hottest and most recognized red carpet hosts in Hollywood, cultivating a breezy, no holds barred atmosphere in her interviews. Jen’s devastating smile and infectious sense of humor has given her an opportunity to interview many of the most prominent celebrities in the entertainment industry.

She uses her naturally engaging personality while mixing and mingling with veterans of film, television, music and the arts giving what the industry calls, “the scoop”. Jen has an excellent working knowledge of the entertainment industry. She observes the players, the movers and shakers, who’s hot, who’s on their way up and those who have toppled from their throne.

Like her favorite talk show host/comedian, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer is tenacious and bold when it comes to getting a good interview. “I try to absorb everything I can about Pop Culture to make sure I get a good interview”, says Jen. She further comments, “When you are out there trying to snag a red carpet interview, you must be engaged in your surroundings. I know I am competing with the most prominent media reps in the world and within a hot second I could lose an opportunity to interview Brad Pitt”.

Jen is fortunate that so many of the A-Listers recognize her friendly face and are always willing to talk to her. Jennifer is currently known as “The Face of StarCam”, a social networking site where fans mingle with the most talked about celebrities in film, television, music and sports. She has recently taken on a new role as the “Face of Moonstar Cosmetics.” As the “Face of StarCam and Moonstar Cosmetics”, Jen’s recognition has not only grown tremendously, but has put her in the center of everything newsworthy in the Hollywood based world of entertainment.

She has interviewed just about all of the A-Listers in sports, film, television and entertainment including Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Snoop Dogg, Betty White, Steven Spielberg, Christian Bale, Ron Artest, and the entire Kardashian clan. Jen’s experience in front of and behind the camera has her poised and ready to become the quintessential television talk show host. In addition to her other roles, she has worked as a “live MC” adding dimension to her already blossoming career.

With her ebullient charm, she courts the celebrity, putting them in a comfort zone to speak freely and openly. She has worn a number of hats in her role as talk show host, one of which landed her on CNN’s, Jane Velez Mitchell’s show. Incidentally, she was their youngest commentator. She has also appeared on Howard Stern, Khloe and Lamar, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and TI’s Family Hustle. Jen is the next Jeneration. It takes drive and ambition to move forward in such a competitive environment and Jen certainly has the talent to realize her dream.